Restorology 60-Inch Full Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

Restorology 60-Inch Full Body Pregnancy Pillow
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Most women say that pregnancy was the most difficult and exhausting part of their lives. During pregnancy, women are even more sensitive to pain and sleep deprivation than usual. There is a solution which makes things at least a little bit better, if not much better.

Full body pregnancy pillows are not exactly a new invention — they’ve been around for some time. Many women use them nowadays during pregnancy, but you don’t have to be pregnant to use them.

The C-shaped, 60-inch maternity pillow from Restorology is long and wide enough for most people. Read on to find out everything there is to know about this extra-large and super comfortable pillow.

Restorology 60-Inch Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

This pillow gives great support to your entire body and it helps you get relief from all sorts of pain. Also, it is one of the least expensive full body pregnancy pillows on the market.

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Who is this product for?

Restorology’s official site states that this pillow is designed for “you.” What they mean is that everyone can use it, men, children, and women. Since it is very affordable, you can get it for yourself, or as a gift for an expecting mother.

Most maternity pillows on the market are U-shaped, and some people might find that design uncomfortable. The Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow has the C shape that softly hugs your entire body. It is also great for people with back pain, heartburn, sciatica, and various sleeping disorders.

What’s included?

There’s nothing included but a quality, full-body C-shaped pregnancy pillow. This one’s made to be the one pillow to rule them all. You won’t need your smaller pillows anymore, because this one replaces up to five of them.

There is a zipped cover which has a smart cleaning design. You can remove it effortlessly and put it in your washing machine; you can also dry it in the dryer. This goes only for the cover because you shouldn’t wash and dry the entire pillow that way.

There is month-long money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with this product. Finally, the dimensions are 18 x 13 x 7.8 inches, and the pillow weighs only 7.09 lbs.

Overview of features

This pillow’s special design and unique shape provide excellent support for your belly, back, legs, hips, and your head all at once. It doesn’t only get you to sleep faster it also prevents various aches and pains. People with back problems are going to love it.

Easy maintenance is also among the key design features of this pillow. Most people don’t like manual cleaning, and they will be relieved to use their washer and dryer to clean the cover of this pillow.

The Restorology full body pillow is not only large enough to accommodate pretty much anyone, but it is also very compact and saves space.

How to get the most out of it

This maternity pillow has nursing support which means that not only can you rest on it, but you can also place your baby on it as well. You can either sleep with your baby or breastfeed on the pillow. The cushion is elevated enough to accommodate the baby and hold it close to your breast for feeding.

Once you are done nursing, you can sleep with your baby on the pillow. This means the pillow is also good for mothers who have trouble putting their babies to sleep, which is a common issue.

Here are the ups and downs of the Restorology full body pillow.


  • Very affordable
  • Full-body support
  • Relieves pain and sleeping problems
  • Has nursing support


Some might dislike the C shape


Most maternity pillows on the market are U-shaped. Their sizes vary, but it is always smart to go for a bigger model for extra comfort and flexibility. QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow is a high-quality maternity pillow which is extra-large and offers excellent support for both sides of your body.

It provides amazing value for money, and it is a great gift for expecting mothers or anyone who has difficulties sleeping or back pain. There is a 90-day refund period if you are not satisfied.

Get this pillow and enjoy reading, watching TV, nursing your baby and sleeping comfortably.


A maternity pillows is a must-have for a pregnant woman. The difference is more than noticeable, as even multiple conventional pillows can’t do a job of a pregnancy pillow. This is due to the design for back and belly support, which is much needed during pregnancy.

Of course, other people can also benefit from the extra support and comfort, meaning you don’t have to be pregnant to enjoy the Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow. Since this pillow is very affordable, you can even get one for each family member.

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