QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow Review

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow
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Women who are expecting are often tired and in pain. It doesn’t have to be like this. You can help your wife, girlfriend, or friend feel better and get well-rested during pregnancy. Gift them a QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow and make them feel like a true queen.

Being comfortable while you sleep is very important when you are pregnant. Not only does it relax the body, but it is also beneficial to both the baby’s and mother’s health. Maternity pillows are full-body pillows that are meant to replace the multiple-pillows setups.

Read on for a full review of one of the QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow.

QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow

The thing which makes the QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow stand out is its size. This enormous 65-inch pillow provides enough comfort and can accommodate pretty much anyone, pregnant or not. You can get the smaller variant of the pillow which measures 55 inches if 65 inches is too big for you.

The extra size is amazing for comfort and better sleep. Unfortunately, this pillow is only available in white, which is probably its only notable disadvantage. Other than that, this pillow has it all — it is ergonomic and it supports both sides of the body while you rest.

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Who is this product for?

This pillow is marketed for pregnant women, but they are certainly not the only ones that would benefit from it. You can use it to prevent back and hip pain or help with sciatica, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, congestion, and gastric reflux.

If the health benefits aren’t enough, you can get one of these pillows if you want to stop tossing and turning around in the bed all night. Most people can relate to the last part, which makes this pillow great for just about anyone.

What’s included?

There are no add-ons, attachments or accessories included in the package. You get a premium full-body, U-shaped maternity pillow which is quite big and supportive. The overall dimensions are 65 by 31.4 by 7.8 inches.

This big pillow doesn’t weigh much — it is only seven pounds on its own – and nearly eight pounds with the shipping packaging. QUEEN ROSE is a quality brand and you can expect a top-notch pillow. You also get a cover made of 100% cotton.

The filling of this pillow is polyester which is sturdy and durable. You can wash the pillowcase in your washing machine. Just unzip it with the double zipper and put in the washer.

Finally, there is a 3-month refund or exchange guarantee period for extra customer reassurance.

Overview of features

The biggest advantage of this maternity pillow is its size. It is made with tall women in mind, as well as other people who want extra comfort and flexibility. The support for all key parts of the body is magnificent, and it makes resting easier for pregnant women.

The QUEEN ROSE maternity pillow is hypoallergenic, comfortable and designed to fit a wide range of sleepers.

How to get the most out of it

To really get the most out of the QUEEN ROSE Pregnancy Body Pillow, you can use it when you read, watch TV, sleep, or nap. You can also lounge in it on the sofa in the living room if you want to cool your feet after a long walk.

Besides all these individual activities, you can also share the maternity pillow with your baby — you can use the pillow to nurse your baby.

Here are the traits that make the QUEEN ROSE maternity pillow shine and some that don’t.


  • Extra size for comfort and flexibility
  • Quality materials
  • Great support for multiple parts of the body
  • Beneficial for some medical conditions
  • Affordable price
  • Hypoallergenic


Only available in white color


Some people dislike the typical U-shape of these maternity pillows. If you are among them, you will be happy to know there is a C-shape alternative. One 60-inch full-body pregnancy pillow from Restorology fits that description.

This maternity pillow model is pretty affordable, so you might want to take it into consideration if you’re on a tight budget. This pillow also provides pain relief and great support for both the mother and the baby.

It is very easy to clean and it can replace multiple regular pillows. The health benefits are not lacking either, as this pillow’s support allows for the much-needed rest in pregnancy.


QUEEN ROSE has raised the bar pretty high with its pregnancy body pillow. This pillow is a great gift for all expecting women, including you. That said, you don’t have to be pregnant or with a child to reap the benefits of this pillow.

Anyone can use it, especially because it is so big and comfortable. People who like to snuggle or sleep with multiple pillows are going to appreciate this product.

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