How to Keep Air Mattress from Deflating

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If you’ve ever slept on an air mattress, you’ve probably experienced waking up to a somewhat deflated mattress. Most people simply accept it as a fact of life. In fact, while it has something to do with the quality of the mattress, many other factors can cause an air mattress to deflate overnight. So, if you're having the same problem, stick around and we'll share some tips that you can use to prevent your mattress from deflating excessively overnight.

How to Keep the Air in Your Air Mattress

There isn’t much to it once you figure out how to keep the air inside your mattress. All you need is a bit of common sense and a high-quality air mattress. Here's what you should do to prevent your mattress from losing air pressure.

Make sure that the area where you want to set it up is clear

The first and most important thing that you have to do before setting up your air mattress is to inspect the ground. If you're setting it up in the outdoors, like on a camping trip, make sure that the ground is flat and remove any sharp objects that could damage the mattress. These include pebbles, stones, twigs, and anything else that could puncture the mattress. The same goes for indoor use. Follow these rules, and you should be fine:

  • Make sure that the area or room is big enough for your mattress when it's fully blown up
  • Remove all sharp objects to prevent the mattress from puncturing
  • If you want to set it up inside, make sure that the mattress is at a safe distance from any sharp objects like table corners, cabinets, chairs, and so on. All of those objects could puncture the air mattress, and you don't want that to happen
  • If your mattress is thinner than most, you have to be extra careful
  • Checking the ground for pointy objects is the best way to prevent a flat mattress. Whether you're inside or outside, avoid uneven terrain

Stretch your air mattress out

When you first unpack your air mattress, it's going to be crumpled up. Normally, it stretches when you inflate it. If you lie on it and get up after a few hours, it may seem like it’s lost air pressure, but that's usually not the case. The stretched material just goes back to its original shape, so it looks like the mattress is deflated. High-quality mattresses don’t stretch as much as the cheap ones.

The material will stretch more during the first few nights, and that's perfectly normal. You can avoid that issue by inflating the mattress and leaving it to settle for a few days before using it. When it reaches its natural shape, it won't deflate on you any longer.

Adjust the mattress according to the room temperature

Significant temperature changes in the room or the tent will affect your mattress’ air pressure. You can't do much about it outdoors, but you can prevent it indoors. Make sure that the temperature in the room is constant. The mattress will lose air pressure if the temperature goes down. That’s because the vapor pressure of gases (in this case, air molecules) is proportional to temperature.

You should inflate the mattress only when the temperature is right and won't change much during the night. If you can't do that, get a heater to somewhat stabilize the temperature. You can also inflate the mattress a few hours before going to bed so that it has time to get in tune with the room temperature.

Weight capacity matters

Every air mattress has a weight capacity. You can check the weight capacity on the specs sheet that comes with the mattress, but sometimes you may also find it printed somewhere on the mattress itself. If you're too heavy for the mattress, it will surely deflate overnight.

It's a simple rule but one that’s often ignored. Too much weight will deflate an air mattress, no matter how big or durable it is.

Deflate the mattress after use

Deflating your air mattress after you're done using it is as important as every other rule on our list. You should collapse it after every camping trip. Even if you're going to use it the next night, you should deflate it a bit to relieve pressure on the material. That will go a long way to keeping your mattress in pristine condition over time. Just inflate it again before you use it, and everything will be fine.

Final Thoughts

Most air mattresses that deflate overnight are not bad in quality but rather not used correctly. As you've just learned, deflation is caused by a few surprising factors you mightn’t have taken into consideration. However, if your air mattress keeps deflating even after you took all precautionary steps, it could be leaking. If that's the case, you’ll need a patch kit or a makeshift one with super glue to fix the leak.

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