How Does Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Works and Other Facts About It

How Does Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Works and Other Facts About It
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Being new to the modern world of camping can sometimes leave you confused, especially since camping gear has changed dramatically in the past decade. That is why if you’re not keeping up with how to use each new model, you may end up in trouble on your next camping trip.

When it comes to investing in sleeping gear, you’re going to want to understand how they work fully, or else you’ll end up wasting daylight trying to set up your bed instead of setting up your camp.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how does self inflating sleeping pad works and if it's really worthy to invest in? Hence, we’ll give you a brief rundown of what you should expect on your next outdoor camping trip.

How Does Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Works and Other Facts About It 1

What’s the Difference Between a Sleeping Pad and a Sleeping Bag?

While the two have similar designs and look, they both have their own unique features. You could say that the superior version is a sleeping pad, but that’s because they often offer you more support than laying on the hard ground. You can think of a sleeping bag like your traditional types of sleeping bags you’d use if you were to go camping when you were a kid.

In reality, sleeping pads are similar to mattress toppers. They have the exterior of a sleeping bag, which keeps you protected from the outside environment, but the interior is plush and has a foam-like texture which will support your body during the night.

Do Sleeping Pads Always Self-inflate?

Sadly, not all sleeping pads self-inflate. While self-inflating models are becoming more popular, they aren’t always guaranteed when you make your purchase. You’ll find that some sleeping pads require you to inflate them using air pumps. As such, always double check to see what type of inflatable pad your sleeping pad is; otherwise, you might be in a situation where you’ll have to spend time pumping air into the pad.

How Does Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Works and How to Set It Up?

Most self-inflating sleeping pads contain special foam cells that suck in air, and when they are exposed to air, they expand and will inflate the sleeping pad. On the contrary, when the air is removed, they collapse, allowing the pad to stay compact. Hence, setting up a sleeping pad won't be that much of a challenge.

That being said, depending on what type of sleeping pad you invest in, you may need to be extra careful on the kind of ground you set it up on. When you’re outdoors, you never know what type of sharp objects may be lurking underneath dirt or leaves.

If you pump up your sleeping pad in an area where there’s a sharp object, then it may pop and start to leak during the night. This makes it almost impossible to sleep on. To fix this problem only purchase sleeping pads which are crafted from airy foam, this way your pad will stay inflated.

Additionally, you have to make sure you’re following the manufacturer's guidelines, but since most sleeping pads have a similar style, you can rely on the simple guide below to set up your sleeping pad.

  1. First, you need to take your sleeping pad out of the protective case or sack.
  2. After which, you can start to unroll it and wait until it springs into full size.
  3. Some self-inflating pads will allow you to adjust the firmness by adding extra air. You can use a pump or blow excess air into it.

The Pros of Owning a Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Self-inflating sleeping pads are excellent for quick setups and when you have days where you have less energy because you’ll be saving yourself extra time by having the sleeping pad inflate itself rather than you having to inflate it. This provides you with additional time to set up the rest of your camp, manage other responsibilities, or get to enjoy the outdoors faster.

You’ll also find that self-inflating sleeping pads are better at providing you extra support while you’re sleeping. If you’re purchasing an inflatable pad where you’ll have to blow it up yourself, you may make the mistake of making it too hard or too soft, leaving you feeling sore the next day. With a self-inflating sleeping pad, you’ll always have the perfect amount of support and comfort every single time.

How Does Self Inflating Sleeping Pad Works and Other Facts About It 2

The Cons of Owning a Self-inflating Sleeping Pad

The only downside to owning a self-inflating sleeping pad is that you aren’t able to adjust the softness or support of the pad. This leaves you with only one option: to use it as it was designed.

If you’re the type of person who needs added support or can’t stand when your bed is too soft, then you may have an issue when it comes to using a pre-inflated sleeping pad. To fix this issue, you can often find more expensive models of self-inflating sleeping pads that can be adjusted; though, this is usually limited by pumping extra air into them.


Self Inflating sleeping pads are an excellent way to keep yourself supported during the night. They offer you less time when it comes to setting up, but they give you more time to get your other responsibilities done. They aren’t just soft, but they keep you comfortable and asleep all night long.

Hopefully, this article did not just answer your question "How does self inflating sleeping pad works?" but also gave you some of the most important information about it.

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