Best Wedge Pillow of 2019 Complete Reviews with Comparisons

best wedge pillow
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Although pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful experiences in life, the final few months are often rough. That’s when the pain starts, swellings appear, and it gets more difficult to find a good sleeping position.

Luckily, you can do something about these issues by using a pregnancy pillow. If you want something to help you sleep comfortably during your pregnancy, choosing a tapered wedge pillow may be the best option for you.

But these pillows come in different sizes, shapes, and materials. To find the best wedge pillow, you’ll have to do a bit of research first.

Best Wedge Pillow
Comparison Chart

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Foam Bed Wedge Pillow, Made in California 10-inch

Bassinet Baby Wedge | Infant Wedge Pillow for Reflux Colic 

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow with Jersey Cover, C Shaped Full Body Pillow 

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, Petite Trellis Grey

OCCObaby Pregnancy Pillow, Memory Foam Body Wedge for Belly, Knees and Back Support

Best Wedge Pillow Reviews

Brentwood Home Wedge Pillow

This 10” wedge pillow can provide you with a good night’s rest, but it also helps you maintain a comfortable body position when doing other activities. You can use it to adjust your body while reading, working on your laptop, watching TV, etc.

Product Highlights

The Brentwood Home wedge pillow has a triangular shape ideal for adjusting your back, neck, or legs. The smooth knit fabric is resistant to dust and mites. When it’s time to wash the cover, simply unzip it to take it off.

The therapeutic foam filling provides comfort for any body part. It also doesn’t contain any toxic particles. The combination of a comfortable cover and a quality filling should prevent any allergic reactions that you may get when using another pillow.

This is a perfect product for those who prefer sleeping on their back but have trouble breathing. It should also significantly reduce any neck, shoulder, and back pain. This position should improve circulation, as well as prevent snoring. It should also help during pregnancy reflux due to your body position.

The Good

The pillow has an unobtrusive, simple look that will fit any bedroom or living room. You can comfortably use in your spare time as well as at night. It also comes in different sizes, so you don’t have to worry about it being too small.

The Bad

The one major downside is that this pillow is slippery. Falling asleep on it is an extremely comfortable experience, but keep in mind that you may slide off in your sleep, especially if you select a larger size than you need. The best solution is to use an additional, rough sheet when using this wedge pillow.


  • check
    Very comfortable
  • check
    Durable, antiallergenic material
  • check
    Solves plenty of sleeping issues
  • check
    Great for everyday use


  • The material is slippery

Sleepy Cubs Bassinet Baby Wedge

Let’s take a look at a wedge pillow for the bassinet. It’s essential to keep your baby’s head and body elevated in the early stages, as this prevents frequent spit-ups and a stuffed nose, and it helps the baby sleep much better. That means that you’ll sleep better too.

Product Highlights

This cotton wedge pillow can be the perfect support for your baby. The 13.8” x 12.2” x 2.6” dimensions should fit into any bassinet and prove your child with more comfort. Just put the pillow inside, and place the baby so that only their head and part of their back are elevated.

If the child is properly set on the wedge, the position should reduce acid reflux. It also allows the child to breathe properly throughout the night.

The surface is soft but waterproof, so even if your baby occasionally spits up, you don’t have to worry about the liquid seeping through and getting into the filling. When it’s time to wash it, simply remove the cotton cover and put it in the washing machine.

The Good

This is a product made of durable high-quality fabric with a good filling, so it’s worth paying more for it. There’s also a money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty. If you purchase the product, you’ll probably be covered until your child outgrows the bassinet.

The Bad

The fact that it fits into most bassinets isn’t always a positive feature. This means that this baby wedge is smaller compared to other counterparts. If it was an inch or two wider, it would be perfect.


  • check
    Provides the child with additional comfort
  • check
    Reduces acid reflux
  • check
    High-quality and durable material
  • check
    Easy to remove and wash the cover


  • A bit small
  • Not the cheapest

PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

This pregnancy pillow is a C-shaped total body pillow. Even the best wedge pillow supports only one body part, such as the neck and the head, but this one will keep your whole body in a comfortable position.

Product Highlights

The PharMeDoc full body pillow wraps around your back, under the head, and along the legs. The cotton pillow should feel soft to the touch and the inside of the pillow is filled with a polyfill blend.

This blend is much less likely to creak than other fillings, which is especially important with bigger pillows. The seams are double-stitched and durable. If you want to clean the cover, just unzip it, take it off the pillow, and put it into your washing machine. It should endure a few hundred washes without losing any of its softness and comfort.

This type of pillow fully supports the body when you sleep and it’s especially important in the latter stages of pregnancy. If you fit into this pillow’s position, you should notably reduce any third-trimester issues and back pain. Similar to a wedge pillow, it also helps with issues such as acid reflux.

The Good

The best part of this pillow is that you can also use it for everyday rest. Place it on the floor in your living room, or put it on the sofa. There’s no need for multiple pillows to help you adjust while watching TV or reading a book. It’s also a good product if you’re recovering from an injury.

The Bad

It would be better if the product was filled with memory foam, as it would provide more support. However, some people the softer, lightweight polyfill filling.


  • check
    Supports the whole body
  • check
    Cotton surface
  • check
    Good for everyday activities
  • check


  • Low-quality zipper
  • Polyfill instead of memory foam

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge

If you’re looking for a durable and comfortable wedge pillow, you’ll like the Boppy wedge. It’s portable, cheap, and does its job perfectly.

Product Highlights

With the 14.8” x 12.1” x 4.3” dimensions, this pillow is fairly small. The upside is that you can take this pillow with you anywhere. Place it in a bag and use it as an accessory if you need to travel, or move it from your bed to the sofa without an effort.

Because of the size, it offers great support for those who like to sleep on their side. You can effortlessly fit it between your knees, behind your back, or under your belly. It’s lightweight, but still sturdy enough to support your position.

The cotton cover is extremely soft and doesn’t irritate your skin. It’s an exceptional pillow for warmer days, and you can place it on your bare skin without worrying about rashes. It has a zipper and it’s easy to remove and wash.

The Good

The Boppy wedge pillow comes from a trusted manufacturer of pregnancy pillows, which guarantees durability. You can even go for a protection plan with a 3-year warranty, which is a good idea if you plan to use it daily even after your pregnancy.

The Bad

This filling in this pillow can put some people off. It’s made out of polyurethane foam, which doesn’t have as good a reputation as some other fillings (such as memory foam). However, it’s still supportive and adapts well to your size and weight.


  • check
  • check
    Lightweight and portable
  • check
    Good for those who sleep on the side
  • check
    Good for everyday use


  • Lower-quality filling

OCCObaby Wedge Pillow

This pillow has it all – price, material, and reliability. If you want a small, portable pregnancy pillow that you can continue using for life, give this one a look.

Product Highlights

This wedge pillow has a breathable Velboa cover that doesn’t get too hot overnight and lets you sleep comfortably. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, toxins, or dangerous flame retardants that can cause harm to your skin or overall health. The bottom side of the pillow features sturdy support foam, which keeps it in shape no matter how much pressure you put on it.

It’s one of the smallest wedge pillows on the market, being only 13.2 x 15 x 4.5 inches in size, which means you can move it around easily. You’ll even get a carry bag, so it’s easy to transport the pillow if you’re going on vacation.

The pillow does a great job of preventing pregnancy pains and acid reflux. If you have leg swelling, position it properly under your legs and you can reduce the swelling in your feet. The same goes for the swellings of your hands and wrists. You can place it under your belly or your back if you sleep sideways. Put the pillow behind the neck if you like to sleep on your back.

But this wedge pillow is a great household accessory regardless of whether you’re pregnant or not. You can support your body when you just want to relax after a hard day’s work, and it can even help you recover from injuries.

The Good

This small pillow comes at a really low price. Considering the quality and material, as well as the ease of transportation, this is a really good option. It also comes with a lifetime warranty, which means that once you buy it, you don’t have to worry about regular wear and tear, and you can continue using it for everyday activities.

The Bad

The size of this pillow may cause issues once you enter the later stages of pregnancy. If your belly grows too big, the surface and the elevation of this pillow may not be enough. However, if you plan to use it between your legs, or behind your back or head, there shouldn’t be a problem.


  • check
    Extremely cheap
  • check
    Good material and feeling
  • check
  • check


  • Might be too small

Buyer’s Guide

Take your time when choosing a pregnancy pillow. Selecting the wrong one may cause frustration instead of comfort, and it can add to the sleeping issues that are common for pregnant women. Before you decide on a product, carefully consider the type and size of the pregnancy pillow, and take a look at the cover material as well. Finding the best combination will make your life much easier.

Types of Pregnancy Pillows

You can come across a wide range of different pregnancy pillows. They vary in shape and size, so you can pick one according to your preferences.

Wedge pillow

This pregnancy pillow has a wedge-like shape and it slides under your back, legs, or stomach. Some even place it under their usual pillow, in order to prevent pregnancy acid reflux and heartburn. With additional support, this allows you to sleep in a comfortable position.

The two most common wedge pillow types are round and triangular. They are convenient and cheap, and they also shouldn’t take up any additional bed space. One of the downsides of this pillow type is that it’s hard to choose one. Some can be too soft, while others can be extremely hard, so important to research the product thoroughly before you decide.

Full-length pillow

A full-length or body pillows go all along the length of your body. Instead of placing multiple pillows in a row next to you, you can just place this one beside you. You can cuddle it, move it from one side to the other, and it will adjust its shape according to your sleeping position.

There are two types of full-length pillow. One is straight and the other is flexible. The straight pillow will hold its shape and it looks like a very long regular pillow. The flexible type can adjust to any shape that you like.

Total body pillow

The total body pillow embraces your body figure completely. It wraps around your back all the way up to the front. This pillow is perfect if you’re experiencing severe back pain after you wake up, as it offers great support to your spine. You’ll mostly find C-shaped and U-shaped total body pillows. The main difference between them is the sleeping position.


A good pillow needs to be covered with high-quality fabric. Your skin is even more sensitive during pregnancy, so low-quality fabric could cause rashes, acne, and other problems.

Pillows with natural fiber provide better breathability and absorb sweat. The material must be washable, so check if there’s a mechanism to take off the cover.


The type of filling in a pillow determines levels of the comfort and support you can expect. The most common types of pregnancy pillow fillings are:

Styrofoam ball filling

This type of filling is common in lower-quality pillows. These tiny white balls are extremely easy to adjust to any body shape, so those who have trouble adjusting their position in bed may prefer using this kind of pregnancy pillow. However, when all of these tiny Styrofoam balls move around, they make a great deal of noise. This kind of pillow may irritate you as well as anyone sharing a sleeping space with you.

Microbead filling

Microbeads are tiny sand-like grains and are unbelievably light. You can carry the microbead pillow with you easily and it’s completely silent. It’s also a bit more comfortable than a Styrofoam filling, though it’s also more expensive.

Memory foam filling

Memory foam is an extremely popular high-quality filling. It is completely elastic and it will always change shape depending on how you position yourself on it. The main problem is that memory foam generates a lot of heat, so some manufacturers cut it up so the air can move freely.

Polyester fiber filling

Polyester is a popular filling as it is both lightweight and silent. That said, this material is not as breathable as some other fillings, which means that the pillow can become really hot overnight.

Natural filling

If you prefer natural or organic materials, you may come across woolen fillings or fillings made of spelt or kapok. These can be very comfortable. However, natural fillings tend to absorb bad odors, so you’ll need to air the pillow out from time to time.


The price of a pregnancy pillow varies depending on the type, material, and filling. You can find low-quality pregnancy pillows for less than $10, but they are usually made out of cheap materials.

A decent cotton-made pregnancy pillow can range from $20 to $40. You may find pillows that go over $50 and even a few hundred dollars, but these are usually made for professional use – for massage therapy and such.

Wedge Pillow FAQ

How do you use a pregnancy wedge pillow?

You should use a pregnancy wedge pillow to support any body part that is causing you issues. If your knees hurt or your feet keep swelling, place the pillow between or under your legs to support them. The same goes for back pain or even a headache. If you’re sleeping sideways, you can use it to support your belly.

People sometimes use these pillows to treat body injuries, or simply to improve the quality of their sleep or relaxation. If you’re experiencing back or neck problems while sitting at your laptop, you can place a wedge pillow behind your back for additional support

What is a pregnancy wedge pillow?

As its name says, a wedge pillow is a ‘wedge’ that supports your body during sleep or rest. It tapers on the incline and you can place it on your mattress to elevate certain body parts. These pillows are extremely helpful during pregnancy as they can prevent swelling, acid reflux, and pain. They also enable you to sleep in a more comfortable body position.

How to choose a pregnancy wedge pillow

To choose the best wedge pillow, you should consider three things – price, material, and filling. The best wedge pillows are ones that are covered in a breathable material and have a good filling (such as memory foam). These can adjust to your body and stay comfortable overnight.

Of course, you can find quality wedge pillows even if you’re on a budget. Just be careful, as some fillings and cover materials can even be toxic. That’s why research is essential.

Do I need a pregnancy wedge pillow?

A pregnancy wedge pillow is not something that everybody needs, but it can be very helpful to have one. In the second and third trimester, you may experience pain, swelling, and your stomach will grow. Sleeping can become more difficult than before. If this happens, a wedge pillow may come in quite handy.

How do you wash a pregnancy wedge pillow?

You can wash a pregnancy wedge pillow quite easily. Most of them have a removable cover sheet that you can unzip or unbutton. You can wash this sheet in the washing machine. Some wedge pillows are tiny, and depending on the filling, you might not even need to take the cover off; instead, you can just throw the whole pillow in the washing machine.

Final Verdict

A wedge pillow is a useful accessory, but there’s no need to overpay for it. As long as it has a pleasant surface and a comfortable filling, it should make it easier for you to sleep.

When you consider both the price and the quality, the best wedge pillow on our list is probably the OCCObaby pillow. While it’s the cheapest, it’s made out of good material, and it comes with a lifetime warranty.

The Boppy pillow is similar in many ways, except the warranty is less impressive. The Brentwood Home Wedge Pillow can also be a good option if you’re looking for a slightly bigger pillow, especially since it comes in a few different sizes.

So, before the first consequences of pregnancy occur, make sure to prevent them by getting an affordable wedge pillow. It will definitely make your life much easier.

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