Are Pregnancy Pillows Worth It?

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Pregnancy pillows are becoming more and more popular among moms-to-be. The opinions about them are very different. Some pregnant women say that these pillows are excellent and really deliver as promised.

Others say that the pillows are too expensive and not effective at all. So, if you want to get to the bottom of things and figure out once and for all if pregnancy pillows are worth it, we’re going to do our best to lead you to an answer of your own.

What Is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are special pillows designed to provide comfort and support for pregnant women. If you’ve had a baby before, you know how hard it is to fall asleep with a little bun in your oven. Not only that, the weight gain during pregnancy puts your ligaments, joints, hips, legs, back, and neck under more pressure and stress than ever before.

That leads to painful areas which make it much harder to go to sleep and rest in the bed. Things get even more complicated during the last trimester.

Women who sleep on their sides face the most severe sleeping issues if they attempt to do so without the right support. To solve this problem, pregnancy pillows are designed to provide support for not just the belly but also the knees, hips, head, and neck. That leads to pain relief and a much easier time falling asleep.

Who Is It for?

Pregnancy pillows are designed for women past the 20-week mark. That's when the stomach starts to grow rapidly and with it, the body weight. This puts your limbs and spine under increased pressure and stress and makes it harder to sleep. However, you could use two standard pillows at first, but soon enough those pillows aren’t going to make a big difference.

Furthermore, there's a reason why these pillows became available in the first place. There are five different types of pregnancy pillows.

Some are designed to provide support for the entire body, while others support only the upper body or the belly. The bottom line is that they are shaped with a particular use in mind, and that makes them superior to any standard pillow. You could feel an improvement by using a few standard pillows, but they won't offer you the same level of comfort and support no matter how you set them up.

Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Your Needs

When you finally get fed up with not being able to get comfortable in bed, you should consider getting one or more of these pillows.

However, there are a few different types of pillows, and they don't provide the same benefits. Some are designed to support your entire body and others only the upper body. Furthermore, the smallest variety known as pregnancy wedges only support the weight of your belly. So, you must figure out what you need before getting a pregnancy pillow. Or get a few and try them for yourself.

We’re back to the main question: Are pregnancy pillows worth it?

Are They Worth It?

If you go online searching for a pregnancy pillow, you will see that it could be several times more expensive than a standard pillow. The difference in price may be a downside for many, but trust us, these pillows are worth every cent. Expectant moms come under the same level of stress as professional athletes, so it's critical that they get enough sleep and rest every day.

Furthermore, everything is relative. If you compare pregnancy pillows to the fanciest goose-down pillows, for example, all of a sudden they’re not expensive at all and may even be cheap in comparison.

In any event, the shape of the pillows takes the stress off your back, hips, neck, and belly, allowing your muscles to relax. Sleeping on a pregnancy pillow will also alleviate hip and back pain. It's one of the best investments you can get when pregnant; you will be able to get plenty of rest, and you will feel more energized the next day. More sleep means better mood, which will make everything easier, to say the least.

Get a Pregnancy Pillow and Enjoy All Trimesters

You can buy pregnancy pillows online, but you won't know which one suits you best until you try a few.

According to various mother-to-be forums, U-shaped and full-body pregnancy pillows are the most effective. Still, you should perhaps drop by your local store and try every pillow type to see which one offers the best support and comfort. Either that or buy online from a webstore that has a very generous return policy. This might work even better.

Remember, you need only buy these pillows once and save them should you ever become pregnant again. Try a few and chances are you won't regret it.

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