Are Air Mattress Good to Sleep On?

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Air mattresses are popular for camping and as a spare bed for guests. There are many stories about how air mattresses can't be good for your spine if you sleep on one continually for a long time, but is that true? There are some health hazards to sleeping on an air mattress over a long period of time, but it doesn't mean that it's not good for you. The market is saturated with inflatable mattresses of all makes and models, so you should get one that offers plenty of support.

Is There a Simple Answer?

Sleeping on an air mattress can be a nightmare for some, while others find it very comfortable. Many different factors have to be taken into consideration, but the two most important are the quality of the mattress and your overall health. For example, people with back pain may find that air mattresses help with the pain. So, it all depends on your preferences, but the bottom line is that you can sleep on an air mattress without any negative problems.

However, like with everything else in life, there are some bad sides to it too. We'll do our best to give you a clear picture of what you can expect when sleeping on an air mattress.

The Good

Whether you need an air mattress for your back issues or if you’d rather not pay for a "real" bed, sleeping on one can be very beneficial. Here are the main reasons why people decide to sleep on an inflatable mattress.

They are comfortable

Sleeping on an air mattress has its benefits. You can adjust the firmness to your liking, for one. If you sleep on an air mattress on a camping trip, you can get the same level of comfort as sleeping on a standard mattress. Not to mention that it beats sleeping in just your sleeping bag any day of the week.

Years of comfort

Most air mattresses are very durable and can serve you well even if you sleep on one every night. You will have to be a little careful not to puncture it but otherwise, it should provide the same level of comfort for years. Standard mattresses tend to sag on pressure points, but you can forget about that with air mattresses. If it loses air pressure, just inflate it a little more and you'll be fine.

Extremely affordable

Since air mattresses require far less materials than regular mattresses, they are also much cheaper. If you're looking for a temporary sleep solution, an air mattress offers excellent value for the money. You should never sleep on the floor or some improvised bed when you can easily afford an air mattress. If you ever replace it with a bed, you can relegate the air mattress to the guest room or for camping trips. It should serve you well for years to come.

Easy to store

Many people go with an air mattress because they are very compact and portable. It takes only a few minutes to inflate or deflate an air mattress. You can then roll it up and store it almost anywhere as they hardly take up any room at all.

The Bad

As mentioned, there are some downsides to sleeping on air mattresses too. Consider the following before buying one for yourself.

Temperature regulation

Some air mattresses are not that good at regulating temperature. If they are made from vinyl, your skin won't be able to breathe, which could lead to excessive sweating; you may get too hot during the summer months. On the other hand, since air mattresses absorb body heat, you might get too cold during the winter. You will need a pad or something to put between yourself and the mattress.

Deflating problems

Depending on the quality of your mattress, it could deflate on you overnight. You can inflate it and it could still lose air pressure if the temperature drops. Poor-quality air mattresses are not good at retaining air, so you should only choose a more durable one. Also, you will have to be careful with sharp objects because you could easily puncture the mattress.

Lots of work

Air mattresses require quite a lot of maintenance if you want to use them for a long time. You'll have to inflate it each time, and you will have to wipe it down regularly. In addition, too much of a pressure change can lead to a saggy, uncomfortable air mattress.

The Bottom Line

All things considered, sleeping on an air mattress is perfectly safe. You will have to be a little more careful about how you move on it, and you'll have to take good care of it, but they are very comfortable and affordable. Health-wise, if you get a good air mattress, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to sleep on it every night.

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